Beginners Guide to Meal Planning

The term meal planning often makes us grown and stress out for no reason. Did you know if you get in the habit of meal planning for the week, it will become a much less daunting task in the immediate future. The following tips will help turn anyone from a meal procrastinator into a meal planning wiz!

Set Aside Prep Time

Most people dislike the thought of meal planning because they think it’s something that takes 30 to 40 minutes of work. But meal planning can be done in as little as 10 minutes! If you can’t plan a meal ahead of time, it’s okay to spend 5 minutes each morning planning out that evening’s dinner. While you’re planning meals, it’s important to make a quick decision and stick with it. This will make dinner much less stressful because you’ll be going into each meal with a plan!

For more information about making meal planning a breeze, please visit Tammy Lynn’s health and wellness website.

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