Ditch the Gym to Workout at Home

Let’s face it; we don’t always have the motivation we need to get to the gym. Our days are often over scheduled and downright stressful, and fitting in a workout should be the last of our worries.  To combat busy schedules and trips to the gym, it’s time to ditch the gym and workout at home!

Gyms, health clubs and fitness studios all offer their clients motivation in the form of instructors and fellow gym-goers, but it’s entirely possible to still get in a good workout without leaving the comfort of your own home. The following tips will help you ditch the gym and start working out at home!


Exercising at home eliminates excuses. The fewer barriers there are, the easier it is to stick to your fitness goals. Even if you are sitting on the couch watching TV, you’re burning calories so adding in reps of sit-ups and push-ups during commercial breaks will allow you some physical activity. If one of your main excuses is always that you don’t have enough time, look into under 10-minute workouts!

For more information on why you should be working out at home, visit Tammy Lynn’s fitness website.

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