4 Tips for a Stand-Out Resume

There are a lot of different rules out there when it comes to resumes, and it can be pretty confusing to try and navigate all of the advice. Besides, if everyone is following the same advice, won’t that make all job applications for a position just blur together? While it’s true that traditional resumes are content-focused, not aesthetic-focused, it’s equally true that content is key for resumes. Here are four tips to help you develop a stand-out resume while still maintaining formatting standards.


Job postings usually highlight the important responsibilities and traits associated with a position. Those aren’t just there for show. You should be writing down those keywords, like “leadership” or “statistics,” and incorporating them into your resume. Hiring managers and hiring software alike aren’t going to read your entire resume carefully. Rather, they’re going to scan it for some of those keywords to try and find a best-fit candidate. Simply using the same wording as the job posting is an easy and effective way to push your resume past the first stage of screening.

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